Built with communication in mind

Parts Database

Create parts, attach files and manage revisions to keep procurement and suppliers in the loop.​

Supplier directory

Put all your supplier information in one place. Comment on performance and view metrics on historical data.

Order management

Create and update orders with supplier information, communication, tracking numbers, and more so that your entire organization can easily follow deliveries.

Track communication

Log calls, texts, or emails with suppliers. Add emails directly to the platform by simply adding a CC to your existing conversations.

PO Generation

Generate purchase orders without any manual entry in one-click and quickly send to suppliers using our built-in email.

Tasking and tracking

Easily manage ordering workflows by assigning tasks, creating order requests, and tracking the parts, orders, and suppliers you care about.


Curated data analytics give you instant visibility into supply chain spend and key performance metrics.

One unified platform for supply chain information

Engineering and Operations

  • Route parts to procurement for approval
  • See status of purchase orders, including part delivery dates
  • Rapidly route part updates for approval, then push to suppliers
  • Easily attach documentation 
  • Use historical pricing information to influence design decisions


  • Quickly get the status of your supply chain – no meetings, emails of phone calls required
  • Approve purchase orders and receive real-time updates on them
  • Easily view historical spend on part, component, and assembly levels
  • View metrics on suppliers to easily assess their ability to fulfill your ordering needs


  • One database for all supplier information – no more digging through old emails to find the status of an order
  • Only track the orders and suppliers YOU care about, instead of being pushed irrelevant info
  • Route POs for approval and easily update all concerned parties on order status
  • Empower your engineering and production teams to consider the supply chain implications of design decisions


  • Store Information
  • Track and Manage
  • Communicate Effectively

Everything in one convenient space

No more version control. No more digging through emails and old spreadsheets. SRMstack consolidates your supply chain data into a secure, easily acessible database that updates in real-time.

Track order status and update with critical information

Easily add and update information

Sliders make updating the status of an order a breeze. Dropdown menus, search features, and filters simplify inputting and editing parts, orders and shipments.

Give access and updates to those who need it

A streamlined homepage makes assigning tasks to team members easy. Track the parts and orders that are important to you, and receive real-time change notifications.

SRMstack simplifies managing suppliers so you can focus on what matters most:

Getting your people what they need, when they need it.