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SRMstack was born from the idea that supplier relationships are just as important as customer relationships.

For years, the #1 focus of business software companies was on handling customer relationships and lead generation, promising better customer satisfaction and higher sales.

However, for manufacturers one of the most critical factors to ensuring high quality, cost-effective products is supply chain management. On-time delivery is the key to success – something no amount of CRM software can fix. It’s time we gave our supply chain the tools it needs to effectively and efficiently perform its job.

We built SRMstack to help you better manage your supplier relationships and procurement process. These processes are driven by personal interaction and communication, which is why SRMstack is different than other ERP solutions. SRMstack is human focused – it’s a communication tool, it’s a tracking tool, it’s a quality tracker, and so much more. In short, it’s the tool that will fundamentally reshape the way you purchase components and deliver products to customers.

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